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Please use the checklist below as a guideline to help get a smooth start to the season:

  1. Contact team, introduce yourself, and communicate other general information to the team.
    • Team name
    • Team colors
    • Balcones provides cap and shirts and parents provide belt, socks, and pants
    • Other general information 
  2. Let parents know about volunteer expectations and the team's volunteer responsibilities.  Although these are team responsibilities, it is often the coaches who shoulder most of the load.  You are encouraged to get the parents involved in all of these duties which help your teams and the league to operate as smoothly as possible   
    • Concession stand - each team will be scheduled for concession stand duty 2 or three times throughout the season and will need have 2-3 volunteers each time
    • Umpires - each team is required to umpire other games througout the season
    • Field maintenance on practice days - each team is responsible for raking the fields after practice and after games
    • Field maintenance on game days - home team is responsible for raking and lining the fields before the game and the visiting team is responsible for raking the fields after the game 
    • Each team is responsible for emptying trash cans (as needed) and picking up trash in the dugouts for their side of the field
    • Volunteers for fundraising events such as Balcones Day, Fall Festival, etc.
    • Recruit a parent representative
  3. Get medical release forms for all players.  Make a binder or folder for the Medical Release Forms and bring them to practices and games.  
  4. Get Volunteer Applications for all assistant coaches and any other volunteers who will have significant interactions with the children.
  5. Pick up equipment bags - Balcones will provide equipment to the coaches before the first practice.
  6. Communicate first practice dates and times to the team.
  7. General parents meeting after first practice to discuss volunteer needs/requirements, gather volunteer applications and medical release forms, and discuss other team expectations and general information.

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