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The PeeWee Division, often the first opportunity for girls ages 4-6 to play in an organized sports league, has two primary focal points: 1) developing fundamental skills and knowledge of the game; and 2) giving the girls a means of having fun. Coaches and parents are actively involved in the games to help provide constant guidance and positive reinforcement. The specialized rules for this level help the girls have fun while learning the fundamentals of organized kickball. Everyone goes home a winner in this Division. Typically there are only two (2) kickball activities (one game and one practice) each week for these girls. The youngsters learn to play and enjoy kickball through good instruction and active participation in the PeeWee Division.



The Rookie Division continues the theme of “girls just want to have fun”. While the level of play grows substantially from the PeeWee Division, the focus is still on development of fundamentals, knowledge of the game and, most definitely having FUN!. In many ways, this is the start of full kickball. The girls begin to learn the various fielding positions as well as a better understanding of the rules of the game. As they grow in skill, the competitive aspect of the game increases as well! This Division is also typically limited to only two (2) kickball activities (generally one game and one practice) each week. The goal of this division is to help the girls learn the value of competition, how to win and lose and how to respect the game and its competitors.



The Junior Division is a step up in the quality of play and the intensity of the game. Although the focus is still having fun, the game is played with a much greater understanding of the rules and much stronger sense of competition. The season is generally 16 games, often two (2) per week, and is filled with spirited play and loud cheers from the players and fans. 



The Senior Division takes Junior kickball up another notch, or two! The game grows in intensity, skill and strategy. While friendly off the field, once the players step between the chalk their game faces are on! Like the Junior Division, the Seniors play 16 regular season games. However, since there are fewer teams at this age division across the city, this division introduces inter-league play to the regular season pitting teams from NWA against teams from UHO and Central Austin. This also works out to two (2) games per week on average. There are a number of tournaments, in Austin and elsewhere around the state in which teams have an opportunity to play against other leagues. These are fun and exciting and give players an opportunity to measure their own skills against those of other leagues. 



The Teenage Division adds the dimensions of speed and strength to the game of kickball! Teenage players also participate in Inter-league play against teams from NWA, UHO and Central Austin. The pride and spirit on display in this division, not to mention the intensity and quality of play, all contribute to raise kickball to a new level. This division is the oldest division to participate in the annual LMK State All Star Tournament.

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