Kickball Rules & Guidelines

These Instructional Videos are to help prepare ALL Coaches and Umpires in the rules of the game of Kickball.  Each Year before the regular kickball season starts, a Coaching/Umpire Clinic is conducted for each league using this same information and format.  Please take the time to watch these videos and prepare yourself for kickball season. 

If you have any questions, please contact your local league.

Video Content  -  Field Markings and what they mean, Kickers Circle - What area belongs to the kicker and what belongs to the catcher, 3ft Line explained, Fair/Four Territory, Pitchers Box info.

Video Content  -  Defining a Strike, Ball, & High Pitch., Game Line-ups, Scorekeeping info, Regulation Games (1hr 15mins), Kicker Up (rules), Orange vs White Bag explained. 

Video Content  -  Offensive & Defensive Interference/Obstruction calls defined, Running Bases, Tagging Up, Proper ways to Appeal a play/base, 4th inning subs & late player arrivals, when to put them in.

Video Content  -  Earrings/protective guards allowed (the do's & dont's), Injured players, Code of Conduct of players, coaches, fans, during games, Player/Coach Ejections, Female Base Coach Required (explained), Bunting, Kicking Attempts defined.

Video Content  -  Base Coach Interference (when to vacate your position) during play, How uniforms are to be worn.

Video Content  -  Kicking out of order & when to report it, Results of kicking out of order, Catcher Interference explained and examples.

Video Content  -  Running in Fair/Four Territory and contact with the ball, Misc Questions - Catcher making plays at home (proper ways)

Video Content  -  Misc Questions, Two Runners on same base explained, 1hr 15mins time limit/Time Expired/Finishing the inning, Official Time & Time Outs, Tied Games

Kickball Field Dimensions

Additional Kickball Related Videos:

Similar content as the above videos with some variations and examples.   Always worth watching and getting yet more knowledge of the game, rules, and ideas.

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